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Welcome to becoming a Switzerland Certified Specialist.

Please note that this version is for India-based travel agents, TO's,... Should you be based outside of India, please register to your national or international version on http://elearning.myswitzerland.com. Thanks for your understanding.


The Switzerland Travel Academy offers you an Electronic learning (eLearning) platform, educating members on practical information on how and where to travel in Switzerland, enhancing travel agents and tour operators to plan and market trips to Switzerland.

This course is divided into 8 seminars and you can study them at your own pace. Each seminar requires approximately 2 to 4 hours of study. The tests per seminar consist of multiple-choice questions, that need to be answered correctly in order to pass. Once you complete all the test questions correctly you will become a Switzerland Certified Specialist.

What are your benefits as a travel agent or tour operator after achieving certification of a Switzerland Certified Specialist:
  • The course is offered free of charge
  • You can use the Academy for educational purpose only, or you can become a Switzerland Certified Specialist by taking the test
  • Receipt of individual certification, enabling clients to recognize the knowledge and specialization as a fully trained and qualified Switzerland Specialist
  • Rights to use Certified Specialist logo for letters/brochures/ internet
  • Invitations to Switzerland Tourism’s events in India
  • Receive the latest up-dates of Switzerland with the newsletter of Switzerland Tourism
  • Priority in participating in Switzerland Tourism’s educational trips to Switzerland

Who is eligible to register and enroll in the Switzerland Travel Academy and what kind of degrees can be obtained:
  • Individuals working in the Indian outbound travel trade => Certified Switzerland Specialist Diploma
  • Indian students studying tourism => Certificate for passing the exam

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